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Katharine G.

2 months ago

Verified Buyer

Quercetin Is Awesome!

I take quercetin as part of my wellness, covid prevention program. I order from Luma Nutrition as they have a great product, are affordable and I receive my order promptly. I use several of Luma Nutrition's vitamins and minerals and feel they produce a quality product.

Thomas L.

1 month ago

Verified Buyer

Very happy with berberine

Berberine and Blood Sugar Support works for me. I was feeling sleepy, fatigued and tired and having brain fog. I started taking Berberine and combining it with Blood Sugar Support, both Luma Nutrition products. It's been 45 days and I now have no symptoms and rely on both supplements to stave off any spikes in my blood sugar and ward off pre diabetes.

Joy M.

2 Months Ago

Verified Buyer

My Berberine

I love Luma Nutrition Berberine 1200mg! Tried it b4 and it wasn't very good. The quality of this Berberine is awesome! I got my A1C from 7.2 down to 6.4 and I feel so much better! Thank you Luma Nutrition!