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The Picture that shows the main benefits of Luma Nutrition
The Picture that shows the main benefits of Luma Nutrition
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Our mission
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Hear what our customers are saying
“Resveratrol makes life easier”
“Resveratrol makes life easier”
Although I don’t have a diagnosis of memory loss, at age 84 I was finding I had trouble in conversation recalling names. After a few weeks of taking Resveratrol, I can see that names are more available to me when I’m talking, which makes conversation far less stressful.
Robert B.
Verified Buyer
“Changed my life!”
“Changed my life!”
I was prediabetic for years and using prescribed, injectable medicine to lower my HBA1C. I was only down to 5.9 after years of working on this. I started taking berberine and the next month my A1C was down to 5.5! I am so,thankful for finding berberine! It literally saved my life!
Cynthia H.
Verified Buyer
“Best suplement I’ve ever taken!”
“Best suplement I’ve ever taken!”
I’m on my third bottle of this glutathione, and it’s the best anti-aging supplement and liver cleanse supplement I’ve ever taken! I love the way my skin looks on it! I’m 48 years old and this is with no make up on!
Kelsey T.
Verified Buyer

Our Story

I founded Luma Nutrition to enhance the lives of Americans needing better health solutions.

My journey began with studying Kinesiology, which sparked my interest in healthy living. 

However, my path led me to serve as a US Army Infantry Officer for four years, an experience that exposed the flaws in our health system and the dire health challenges Americans face.

Determined to make a difference, Luma Nutrition was born, focusing on natural health solutions. We offer high-quality, all-natural supplements, rigorously tested to address various health issues, from blood sugar control to mood enhancement.

If you have health concerns or questions about our products, feel free to contact us. I'm committed to responding personally and promptly.


Premium Supplements
Powerful ingredients
Our high quality products are made in the USA with only the best ingredients.

We stand by our commitment to quality.
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